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Sarah Jo White is a UX designer and visual artist weaving a multidisciplinary skillset across physical and digital spaces.

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Weave Mobile Redesign

UI/UX Design

As Monocle Society's Art Director, I led the redesign of the mobile application for our primary brand, Weave. Weave blends technology with tarot-style cards to create a unique, story-driven, roleplaying game.


Weave for Magic Leap @ PAX Unplugged

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Due to contract confidentiality reasons many of my projects are not publicly available.


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Additional Work


Artist Statement

I am a designer, artist, storyteller & collaborator.


All elements of my designs are meaningful, consciously created and arranged. Strong visual components spur participants to engage and interact. 


I think of the viewers/users of my work as artists in the sense that they are conceiving an experience in their own way that is unique to them. My work is a tool to help them fulfill their essential role as a user

to use, to collaborate, to learn, and to experience.

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Costume Design


Costume Design

Art & Collage

Art & Collage