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Building Immersive Experiences with Weave

Client: Monocle Society

Role: Art director, UI&UX designer, CX experience designer

Industry: Mixed reality, tabletop games

Weave is an innovative tabletop roleplaying game that blends emerging technology with physical components to create immersive narrative-driven experiences. Monocle society—the product development studio behind the game—debuted the first mixed reality tabletop experience at PAX Unplugged in 2018.

As the Art Director at Monocle Society during this time, I led the visual development and creative direction for the experience, crafting a unique experience for visitors in both the physical and digital space.


  • A mixed reality demo experience built on the Magic Leap system.

  • Booth experience design

  • Promotional materials



To fully understand the opportunities with and limitations of mixed reality I had to experience it for myself. The first step in designing for the system was getting into the Magic Leap One headset. Out of the box applications like Project Create, Tónandi, New York Time’s immersive journalism experience, and even the system’s welcome screen, proved the wide range of visual styles and interaction methods that the Magic Leap could offer.

 Magic Leap’s Human Interface Guidelines provided through their Creator Portal, became like sacred text, constantly offering essential information and best practices with every read. Defining our technical limitations gave us a framework within which we would develop. 

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